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Sexological Bodywork Explore and increase your sexuality with Sexological bodywork, for more pleasure, enjoyment and vitality. With somatic learning you will find in your body a sensually conscious home and an authentic expression of your sexuality. Live more freedom, creativity, depth and intimacy in your being. Somatic sexual counselling explores your questions and topics about your sexual identity, relationship life and sexual health. Learn about the facts and find support for change. Experience your body anew-through conscious sensing and learning of somatic exercises that you can implement yourself.
Soothing massages for body and soul nourish body and soul with a holistic-conscious massage, strengthen your body consciousness and feel in your power like sensuality. The massage rituals are totally attuned to you and the moment. Discover various offers with elements from the tantra, Thai Yoga, Lomi Lomi, Chi nei Tsang and karsi nei Tsang massage. Workshops + Trainings Meet the world of Sexological Bodywork and discover the many facets of somatic learning and sensual Embodiments. Experience and knowledge-based workshops offer you a curious sniffing or intensive immersion. Long-term learning offers the Sexological Bodywork training and the unique sexual Tao training.
How do I embody myself, my eroticism and my sexual being? How does the feeling of my sexual strength enrich other areas of life? How do I live conscious contact with myself and in relation to my fellow human beings and my own world? How would it feel to be present and present at any moment? How do physicality and awareness contribute to a more sexual health, liveliness and fulfillment and vice versa? ENTER_space opens up spaces in which you can experience and explore yourself, your body, your sexuality and all the questions that are related to you, and where you will be seen. Whether in body work sessions, consultations or group workshops: I accompany you on your personal learning and life path to rediscover and deepen your individual topics. Joy of life, sense and sensuality and sexual being achieve tangible quality and intensity through prudent openness, awareness and connecting intimacy with oneself, the opposite and our environment in which we live. Explore spaces of vivid and focused physicality and mental presence, encounter and pleasurable sensual sensing – in conversation, in touch, in meditation and in creative research. Allow yourself lust like lust, fulfillment like longing. Allow yourself all the questions, contradictions, doubts, fears, weaknesses and taboos that otherwise remain unheeded and use their power to come close to yourself and others. Learn to live your abilities without your self-internalized and externally imposed limitations.                         The Secret of Freedom is the courage (Pericles) courage is the power to become familiar tear (unknown)
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